In 2009, at the height of the most sweeping changes in Royal Ranger leadership and its curriculum, I was appointed the new District Director for Southern Idaho. Following in the steps of outstanding district leadership, we set out with one overarching goal, which was to reach every boy in every town in the Southern Idaho District. Armed with the mantra, “with God’s help” we worked hard to bring this ministry to boys and young men while aligning ourselves with Royal Ranger’s national vision of evangelizing, equipping and empowering the next generation of Christ like servant leaders. While every effort was made to keep core staff in place, we tasked ourselves to develop additional leaders across the state with a focus on recognizing that the local pastor was the key to a successful and long term Ranger program. A decision was made to relocate our summer camp from the Stanley area to Trinity Pines in Cascade in order to position us to reach deeper into the local communities, and to offer today’s boys the outdoor activities that they enjoyed. This change provided an opportunity to reach more boys and allow us to develop a stronger regional and national role. Developing trained staff became essential to our efforts to bolster the local outpost leadership that would serve the district as well as provide team players to assist training coordinators throughout the region. Leaders from our district have attended a number of national training events to further enhance the broad appeal to small and large church alike.  As we reach the end of 2016, I believe we have met and exceeded these goals. As with all ministry, there is still much to do. In the past year I believe that God has released me from what he had tasked me to do and now it is time for new leadership to be appointed, and allow God’s vision to be released in their lives. With this on my heart, and knowing that God’s plan is perfect, I have every confidence this will happen. With much prayer and consideration, I have decided to step aside, and allow plenty of time for God’s next choice to begin on firm footing.

I am finalizing the details of next year’s events, so that our ministry continues to operate smoothly. Speakers have been selected, dates and locations have been set, camp themes have been chosen, and we are well positioned financially for the future. There are so many that I want to thank who have given so much to Royal Ranger Ministry in Southern Idaho. So many things became possible because of your love, commitment and support.

In closing, I want to thank Superintendent Doyle Fulkes, Pastor Cliff Scheline, and Pastor Bruce Murphy as well as our regional coordinator Lloyd Fillis for your unwavering support and dedication. This letter will serve as my official notice of resignation, effective upon its receipt.

In Christ love, and in his service

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen Hackler
Former District Director
Royal Rangers
Southern Idaho Ministry Network