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On behalf of the Executive Staff for the Southern Idaho Ministry Network, I would like to extend hearty congratulations to Samuel McKinley on his earning the Silver Medal of Achievement. All of us in Royal Rangers recognize the effort that this takes to get to this level. Your journey has not been taken alone, as your church has surrounded you with excellent leaders, a strong foundation, and solid friendship. Your next level of achievement is on the horizon, and we are looking forward to the day when we can announce your top award of the “Gold Medal of Achievement”! Be steady, be strong, but above all, be faithful and obedient to God’s call on your life.

Stephen Hackler

District Director

Southern Idaho Ministry Network



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News from the National Office


Announced at Lead Conference this year from John Hicks, the national office Programs Coordinator, changes are being made to the Gold Medal Of Achievement, the long standing highest ranking medal aside the Medal of Courage. 

Here are the reasons: 

PROBLEM: Recent changes in the role & significance of the GMA have not been popular and have created inconsistencies with the historic role of the GMA in the program.  The current GMA is not equivalent to the historic GMA, implying that they are two very different or separate awards that share the same name, leading to confusion. The Honor GMA is a valuable and significant goal for boys but it is not attainable for those who did not complete Ranger Kids or did not join the program until the 6th grade or later.  Many boys are therefore discouraged from continuing with the program long‐ term since they see the new “highest award” as unattainable for them.

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From the Desk of the District Director

With the newly completed 2016 LEAD Conference now behind us, our attention turns to an exciting year ahead of us. So much to look forward to, and so much to build upon, we saw that the transition in our national leadership had progressed beyond expectations. Last year, former national commander Doug Marsh handed the baton to Karl Fleig and our ministry never missed a beat. Keeping the national staff largely in place, with the exception of Steve Schultz, national training coordinator, our leadership team set about to plan, promote and implement our signature ministry events. Up this year is the 50th anniversary for Frontiersman Camping Fellowship and our National Camporama in Eagle Rock, Missouri! On the heels of necessary and quality changes, our charge has been to remain in a “steady as we go” mind-set. This year’s theme, "In One Accord" encouraged leaders from across the United States to lock arms in solidarity and a single heart purpose to make a difference in the lives of boys and young men as God would lead us. In a strong effort to bring clarity to our pinnacle award, the Gold Medal of Achievement, it was presented and decided to emphasize and encourage the continued and ongoing effort by all boys to make this a reality in their lives. With this in mind, the GMA would remain a single top award, but a boy could add 1 or 2 gold stars with completed additional requirements. Never has their been a time where we have seen such a move of God on a ministry devoted to boys and young men that has produced such continuity. We continue to be a stabilizing and steady force that has changed the lives of many around the world. Our call is to Christian men everywhere to join this movement at the local level in an all out push to bring about change that will benefit families and communities. Help us help you make a difference. Look for Royal Rangers, for we are everywhere!

Stephen Hackler

Southern Idaho District Director 

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