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We have added a new page for commanders and outpost leaders. Most of the registration information and packets are built into the webpages that promote the event. The files are now also available on their own page where they are listed in chronolical order based on the event start date. Click here for access to the page. 

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The year 2015 is plentiful in events, camps, and ways you and your outpost can be involved on a district level. Immediately coming up, we have our Frontiersman Camping Fellowship Trace. Nested at the base of Ranger Peak, in the Sawtooth Mountains, Southern Idaho will be camping at our usual location next to smiley creek. Every year we look forward to the time of fellowship that those of us in the Jim Bridger Chapter enjoy when we meet together.  Frontiersman Camping Fellowship (FCF) is a special program of Royal Rangers dedicated to the advancement of the mission and purpose of the Royal Rangers ministry through the development of advanced camping and leadership skills.  FCF encourages members to pursue personal growth through the development of woodsmanship, leadership, friendship, achievement, and courage, utilizing the imagery and lore of the early American frontiersman.  Membership is restricted to individuals who have met a specific list of requirements as presented in the FCF Handbook.  For more information about FCF visit Southern Idaho is listed in the Trappers Territory, just one of eight territories. On the National FCF page, you can view the frontier gazette, and keep up to date with territorial events, and many more things!! Check it out today!

Ranger Camp is just almost here. Need to register? Here's how!

For Camp Registration please click the link below. Please follow these instructions for registration.
1. Click on the tab Camps/Resource/Calendars
2. Click on option- Ranger Camp 2015 
3. Click on the link to pay the online registration fee ($15) 
[this essentially registers your place at camp, and a number to add to the total attending camp, please do this first, they remaining 30 dollars, for chartered outposts {prices increases for non chartered outposts}, per person, is due at camp]
4. Download the Ranger Camp Packet via the link from DROPBOX
5. For ease of location all important forms are labeled and available for printing below the packet. 
6. If you need any files for any event, they are located here.

Please email
Canaan Hackler ( with any questions on navigation of the site, documents, and files.
Bruce Murphy ( with inquiries about camp.
Stephen Hackler ( for questions regarding the packet, or registration information.


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canaacellent job under the direction of Kendall Wilson, who also, with his boys brought out and hosted an amazing lunch!! It was a hugely successful training, to say the least and the district staff represented as the Southern Idaho District Training team, did an outstanding job. We appreciate all of the hard work that went into this training and would especially like to thank outpost 2 for such hospitality!  Follow us on facebook for more information about training, events, or general topics that you may want to talk about. To join the conversation, login to Facebook and search for- Southern Idaho District Royal Rangers!

-Canaan Hackler

Southern Idaho District Media Coordinator 





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