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Due to a lack of registrants for Connect Conference 2015, the live and online event(s) has been postponed till further notice. A date is set to be given for a spring conference, but has not been announced.

On August 13th, Allan Sanders was named the FCF President for the Southern Idaho District Royal Rangers effective immediately. The Executive Staff was proud to welcome not only Allan, 


but David Gallemore, as the Section 4 commander. Both men have extensive time in their outposts and in the Ranger ministry. 

For the Ranger Camp Recap, click HERE!

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We have added a new page for commanders and outpost leaders. Most of the registration information and packets are built into the webpages that promote the event. The files are now also available on their own page where they are listed in chronolical order based on the event start date. Click here for access to the page. 

We just wrapped up FCF for the year. Read all about it here!

Ranger Camp is completed. All done for the year! Right? WRONG! We have plenty more on the way for training opportunities. A full recap wil be available on Ranger Camp as well as our upcoming events for the fall of the year! Look for more information in the coming days!

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canaacellent job under the direction of Kendall Wilson, who also, with his boys brought out and hosted an amazing lunch!! It was a hugely successful training, to say the least and the district staff represented as the Southern Idaho District Training team, did an outstanding job. We appreciate all of the hard work that went into this training and would especially like to thank outpost 2 for such hospitality!  Follow us on facebook for more information about training, events, or general topics that you may want to talk about. To join the conversation, login to Facebook and search for- Southern Idaho District Royal Rangers!

-Canaan Hackler

Southern Idaho District Media Coordinator 





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